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Providing research and valuation analysis as an expert witness has been a core part of SEAL Advisors’ business since launch in 2013. To date, SEAL has provided research and advisory services for both claimants and defendants in a wide range of legal disputes. SEAL’s core strength is conducting in-depth analysis of complex assets and non-standard investments and summarising the conclusions in a clear and accessible format. We are very experienced in providing research designed for court and tribunal submission in various geographical locations.           


Research and advisory services dedicated to providing expert analysis for legal claims

We work with major and specialist law firms, litigation funders, companies and directly with claimants and defendants. We have worked with a diverse range of companies and individuals and have provided bespoke research analysis for small and large claims. We offer our services on a fixed rate and hourly rate basis and tailor our work to individual circumstances. For more information on the services we provide and the type of claims we have been involved with contact us at

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In addition to confidential expert witness reports, we also publish research covering various aspects of litigation. A few examples are provided here.

Third-Party Litigation Funding: Frequently asked questions

An in-depth analysis of the global third-party litigation funding (TPLF) market.

Litigation & its impact on company value

A collaboration between SEAL advisors and Gowling WLG looking at the impact of litigation on corporate valuation

Third-Party Litigation Funding: How big is this market anyway?

An unique analysis of the size of the  global third-party litigation funding (TPLF) market.

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