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Scott Evans

Scott has a long-history in research having worked as an academic economist and an investment banking analyst since graduating from Bristol University in 1990. He started started his research career at the Institute of Economics & Statistics, University of Oxford where he conducted research into the performance of quoted and unquoted companies, he then joined the Institute for Fiscal Studies where he focused on  corporate taxation. After a number of years of working in academic research, Scott moved into the investment banking industry. Having started as an Equity Strategist at UBS, he held a number of senior roles within research at various financial institutions including: ABN Amro, Merrill Lynch and Espirito Santo Investment Bank. In addition to his role at SEAL Advisors, Scott is currently the co-author of the Numis Smaller Companies Index which he undertakes as part of his research role at London Business School.

Contact Scott at:  scott.evans@sealadvisors.com

After  20 years of working within the financial services industry,  Scott Evans founded SEAL Advisors to provide bespoke research to the investment management and investment banking industry. Using a network of research specialists, SEAL provides specialist research for portfolio managers in the areas of macroeconomics, commodities, global sector analysis, corporate valuation and global small and mid cap equities.

For investment banks, SEAL provides complementary research in areas not undertaken by their research departments or where additional resource is needed. SEAL Advisors also have extensive experience in survey based research which utilises their bespoke on-line research platform.

For companies, SEAL provides bespoke investment style research which focuses on sector backgrounds and the key long-term drivers. The product is aimed primarily at institutional and professional investors.

In addition to providing research services to the financial services industry, SEAL has undertaken a number of bespoke research projects for the legal services sector. This includes acting as an expert witness in cases of valuation disputes.   


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